iBrush Elite SonicWave Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer (White)

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iBrush Elite SonicWave Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer (White) Description

Color:White Taking care of your oral health is now easier than ever with help from the iBrush Elite toothbrush from TECHEGE. Designed by a dentist & engineered to perform, the iBrush toothbrush is the best choice when looking for a quality electronic toothbrush at a price anyone can afford. This rechargeable power toothbrush rivals & outperforms others on the market, its sleek design paired with its powerful plaque removing abilities will make you feel as if you just walked out of a visit with your hygienist! With up to 48,000 strokes per minute , plaque will be scrubbed away so fast you’ll wonder how you ever brushed without the iBrush! With 3 different operating modes; Normal, Soft, Massage – this powerful toothbrush can adapt to any users level of comfort. That’s just the start, the iBrush has a built in 2 minute timer with QuadSense technology that emits a pulse from the handle every 30 seconds indicating when to move to a different area of the mouth while brushing ensuring a dentist approved clean. Cleaning doesn’t have to stop once the iBrush turns off, right? Right! Remove the cup & you will see that the iBrush charging dock not only stores your extra brush heads, but it is equipped with a UV Sanitizing Light that will turn on automatically once the cup as been replaced, killing many of the bacteria missed by rinsing! The dock uses ion-technology to charge the iBrush, it is water resistant and won’t overcharge the iBrush. Once fully charged (blue light flashing when on base) users of the iBrush have gone over 6 weeks without having to recharge it! Also included are 3 colored brush heads for up to 3 users of the same base. Replace heads every 3 months.

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