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Black Onyx™ Contains the only clinically studied & fully dosed form of Phosphatidic Acid Subjects gained 5.3 lbs. of lean muscle in 8 weeks* Doubles muscle gains and increases strength by 60% Boosts mTOR signaling by more than 6 times* Contains the only clinically studied & Fully Dosed Form of Phosphatidic Acid PhosphaGrow™ SX-7™ features the purest clinically tested form of Phosphatidic Acid (PA) available – Mediator® PA. During resistance training, your body naturally produces limited amounts of phosphatidic acid, which binds to mTOR, activating the primary signaling pathway for muscle building. PhosphaGrow™ SX-7™ works through the same mechanism, enhancing mTOR to increase protein synthesis and activate anabolic activity.* Subjects Boosted mTOR Signaling by More Than 6 Times In a University of Tampa study, pre-clinical research showed that the same phosphatidic acid found in PhosphaGrow™ SX-7™ increased mTOR signaling by over 6 times compared to baseline!*In a separate phase of the same study, Phosphatidic Acid was shown to double muscle gains in test subjects compared to a placebo. These test subjects gained 5.3 lbs. of lean muscle vs. 2.6 bls. in the placebo group. In the same study, test subjects increased their strenght on the leg press by 60% more than the placebo group (114.4 lbs. vs. 71.4 lbs.) in just 8 weeks! But remember, only Mediator® PA is guaranteed for purity and quality through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Testing. No other source can deliver the same results! Get PhosphaGrow™ SX-7™ today!* * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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