Periopaste Toothpaste 3 Tube Value Pak

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Periopaste Toothpaste 3 Tube Value Pak Description

PerioPaste contains organic wild-crafted herbs and essential oils, which have been shown in research to discourage the growth of bacteria while promoting the growth of tissue for healthy gums. PerioPaste is the only natural toothpaste that contains the patented extract, Phytoplenolin, to promote cell vitality. Phytoplenolin (Centipeda cunninghami A.) been used since ancient times in folk medicine in Australia and the Far East mainly for its topical anti-inflammatory properties. PerioPaste is fortified with Co-Q10 and folic acid, two nutrients that help promote a healthy environment for your mouth. PerioPaste contains Xylitol, well researched for its ability to stop tooth decay. PerioPaste contains no preservatives, no alcohol, no artificial colors or dyes and no sodium lauryl sulfate. The refreshing mint flavor will keep your mouth fresh for hours. PerioPaste is a vegetarian, kosher formula.

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