Reach By Design Superior Performance Toothbrush, Soft Full Head 2 Ea (Design May Vary) Pack of 2

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Reach By Design Superior Performance Toothbrush, Soft Full Head 2 Ea (Design May Vary) Pack of 2 Description

Color:Design May Vary Product Description Reach by design, a brush with an angled neck to fit your smile and designer looks to fit your style. Only Reach brings you a toothbrush with uncompromising cleaning performance and beautiful, eye-catching designs. Snap up one of the eight limited-edition designs and have A Brush With Style(tm) Jeff Lewis Shoshanna Gruss Each two-pack contains two designs. Pairings may vary. REACH BY DESIGNSoft Value Pack At a Glance: Removes 95 percent of plaque between teeth Comes in eight limited-edition designs Classic REACH angled neck Cleaning tip to reach behind back teeth REACH BY DESIGN is a toothbrush that combines cleaning performance with eye-catching designs. Each REACH BY DESIGN collection contains eight limited-edition brush designs in styles and colors that reflect the current season’s trends. Remembering to change your brush every three months is now simple–just look for the new designs. Snap up a REACH BY DESIGN brush today and bring a little fun to your bathroom. Amazon Exclusive: Pre-Order Brushes by Jeff Lewis and Shoshanna Gruss The REACH brand is excited to announce a partnership with Jeff Lewis, star of the hit TV series Flipping Out, and Fashion Designer Shoshanna Gruss to launch an exclusive collection of eight limited-edition REACH BY DESIGN toothbrushes. Before they are available at retail locations, these brushes are exclusively available for pre-sale on For the second year, the REACH brand has partnered with leading design and fashion experts who share the brand’s appreciation for the importance of purposeful design. The REACH brand asked these experts to curate a collection of toothbrushes that brings to life the personality and style that is present in their own work. The end result is an exclusive, limited-edition collection of toothbrushes that blends the latest designs with functionality–giving you a new way to liven up your morning routine. Inspiration Boards . About Jeff Lewis Jeff Lewis has developed some of the most coveted homes in Los Angeles. Known for his starring role in Bravo’s docu-series Flipping Out, which earned him the title of America’s most well-known house flipper, Jeff has been designing and renovating his own houses for over 20 years. The result is a brand of properties exemplified by a harmony between exterior and interior living spaces. When renovating a property, Jeff believes in finding the true integrity of the house, then breathing life back into the space in a way that will connect with a certain type of buyer. Inspiration Boards . About Shoshanna Gruss Designer Shoshanna Gruss was born and raised in Manhattan. In November 1998 she changed the look of dress departments nationwide with the launch of her eponymous clothing line, Shoshanna. The dresses are whimsical with an attention to detail rarely seen in contemporary collections. In addition to her signature dresses, Shoshanna now designs clothing for every season–from string bikinis to towels and totes. Her line is carried in over 500 specialty and department stores nationwide, including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, Nordstrom, and REACH: DIFFERENT BY DESIGN There’s a reason REACH products look a little different from others on the shelf–the makers of REACH made them that way to give you a better experience. They’re purposefully designed to feel better in your hand, more like an extension of you. The REACH brand believes that design matters, especially when it comes to the objects you interact with every day, like toothbrushes. What’s in the Box REACH BY DESIGN Soft Value Pack (Pack of Two). Each two-pack contains two designs. Pairings may vary. A Whole-Mouth Clean is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 You know the drill. You brush twice a day, you floss (some of the time), and you rinse–but occasionally you forget. You do many of the things you know are good for a healthy mouth. But you can do better! All it takes are small changes to your routine. Here are a few simple things you can do to get a healthier mouth: 1. Replace your toothbrush every three or four months–sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn toothbrush won’t do as good a job of cleaning your teeth. Keep a few extra toothbrushes on hand, so you can easily swap old for new. 2. Visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and oral exams. The more you go, the healthier your mouth will be–and those visits will seem less daunting. 3. Maintain a healthy oral-care routine. Make it a goal this week to brush and rinse twice in one day, and floss once. That extra 30 seconds of swishing will make your mouth so clean and healthy, you’ll love the feeling and do it again the next day. Recommended Combinations with REACH BY DESIGN Rinse with LISTERINE Antiseptic and floss with REACH TOTAL CARE Floss. Explore Other REACH Toothbrushes REACH TOTAL CARE multi-action Special multi-directional bristles clean teeth from all angles and remove up to 90 percent of plaque* (*in lab tests) REACH TOTAL CARE Sensitive Extra-soft bristles are designed to begentle on gums but tough on plaque REACH TOTAL CARE + whitening Whitens teeth* using unique calciumcarbonate MICRAWHITENING bristles (*removes stains in lab study) REACH TOTAL CARE FLOSS CLEAN With floss-like bristles to cleanHARD TOREACH PLACES REACH Advanced Design Angled neck reaches back teeth 60percent further than the leading toothbrush Trademark Information: REACH® REACH® BY DESIGN® DIFFERENT BY DESIGN™ A BRUSH WITH STYLE™ LISTERINE® HARD TO REACH® PLACES® MICRAWHITENING® FLOSS CLEAN™

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